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Welcome to some of our customer testimonials where past customers (some from our former days as Forget-Me-Not Florists) have let us know how well we performed. If you would like to send us your comments please email us at .  Email addresses, personal info, and names are removed or shorted to preserve  privacy.

Dear Jean:  My daughter called from COS last night.  She said the
arrangement you put together was beautiful (my grandson had called and
echoed the sentiment) - I have not yet heard from Lauren - I know she is
REALLY busy.

I understand there was an extra added attraction - a pink rose bud in
the back - how sweet.  I love pink roses, too.

Again, thank you for being so kind.  Give me the name and address of
your shop so that I may have it for future reference.

Sincerely, J. B., Rialto, California

courtesy of J. B.
Subject: Mother's Day Flowers
To: <forget_me_not@earthlink.net>

    I wanted to thank you for getting the lovely roses to my mom on
Saturday.  She is very pleased.
    . . .
    Just thought you would appreciate some feedback to help your future

God Bless,
K. Lees
Just a few lines to offer our thanks for the beautiful job you did handling the arrangement for a recent funeral in our family.  It was so nice to talk directly to a designer and express our wishes,  which were beautifully met. 
Should the occasion arise,  we would not hesitate to use your services again.
Thanks again,
D. Crain
Dear Forget-Me-Not:
    For 20 years I used flower arrangements from other florists only to have girls throw them in my face and storm out the door cursing my future offspring.  Five years ago, I started to use only flower arrangements from Forget-Me-Not when dating. At first, everything was great, every girlfriend I gave a Forget-Me-Not arrangements to would go out with me for any reason, even if  I asked them to my weekly toy war gaming meeting, they would come! Then things got strange, I would come home to my studio apartment and find gourmet dinners cooked, my apartment scrubbed cleaned, laundry folded, or wedding pictures pinned on the walls by the bean bag. I was so sleepy at work during the day that I had to switch to swing shift and got thick eye glasses. These favors kept escalated until all 21 girlfriends started fighting over who would do what favor for me. It got so bad that finally all 21 girls had a meeting in my studio apartment and told me I had to choose one of them. I said I would need a minute to think about it, but before I could finish, a cat fight broke out. The last woman standing was 4'11" Sissy Snood (I was hoping Miss May would win, OK, she was a runner up to Miss May). After the wedding we drove off in my Ford Pinto and hid from the other women by moving to another State and changing our names. We have been happily married for five years and have 18 children (6 sets of triplets). After each holiday I would give Sissy a Forget-Me-Not arrangement and she gives me another orange and green sweater to go along with my red slacks (I think Sissy's taste in clothing is getting worse and she tossed all my good clothes). The only thing I regret is not using  Forget-Me-Not from the start.

Greatfully Yours:
Seymour Snively Winer

This last testimonial is really an example we wrote based on "typical" results  for customers to use as a template.

Below are a few of our  largest arrangements made per a customer's request.
200 Roses Rose Basket 100 roses  
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