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Pricing Policy
   Springs Flowers use to offer a long complex online price list for all arrangements and items but ceased for several reasons:

  • Market prices frequently change and we follow the trend. Rule of thumb, We charge competitively than most Internet and local florists per value. If the customer wants to make changes to an arrangement's presentation (size and composition) to fit their needs, we can adjust the price accordingly. Most customers who shop around and often buy flowers find it easier and faster just to call or our Designers and ask if an arrangement can be made to fit their needs at (719) 633-5106 or (719) 633-5106 (let ring up to 8 times).

  • Many arrangements come in several different sizes, different color selections, or different flower compositions allowing the customer to create a unique presentation to fit their occasion. This can either raise or lower the price enough making a set price unusable.

  • Some flowers (Tulips in winter) or plants are seasonal, or are in great demand during the holidays (roses for Valentines), thus prices may vary during the year. Customers find it less confusing, easier, and faster just to call or our Designers and discuss prices at (719) 633-5106 in the Springs (let ring up to 8 times).

  • It was costing us too much in web fees, paper work and time for us to continuously update small changes in price.
  • Price Vs. Value. Size Matters.
  • See our location on the map and where we do not deliver.
    Note: Orders less than $19.99 are rarely delivered outside the 80909 Zip Code (e.g., the $2.99 wrapped rose going to 80922). The rare exception, less than $19.99 customers are willing to wait several days until another order comes close to the same area.

    Orders are subject to Sale Tax.

  • How To Order Flower Arrangements By Phone
      For same day delivery or if you require assistance, the simplest and quickest way to place an order is by telephone. This way you can be assured of the best results if you need assistance. The information needed for phone orders is the same as the information listed below under E-mail ordering.

    Our main numbers are: Questions (719) 633-5106 (ring 8 times), Ordering (719) 633-5106 (ring 8 times)or in the Springs (719) 633-5106 (ring 8 times).

    How To Order Flower Arrangements by Order Form
    If you find it easier to place an order by filling out a form, select the link below. Order forms, sent twelve or less hours of the delivery date, depending on the time sent and time received, may be delivered on the next business day.
  • Order Form.

  • How To Order Flower Arrangements by E-mail
      If you find it easier to place an order by E-mail then follow the steps below. E-mails are useful for ordering a day or more ahead of delivery or if one knows basically what arrangement, size and price range wanted (i.e. past customers). If there are long complex names and messages, to avoid confusion you should E-mail us. We suggest using E-mail if you need a record, i.e., international orders, businesses and etc. Orders by E-mail, sent twelve or less hours of the delivery date, depending on the time sent and time received, may be delivered on the next business day.

    1. Copy the text between the two lines below for later pasting into a blank E-mail used in step 2.


    A. Your Name:
        Billing address:
        State or Country:
        Zip Code:
        Phone Numbers Home, Work or Cell:

    B. Arrangement Type (i.e., Freestyle, Roses, Funeral, Picture Number and such):
        Additions wanted (Balloons, Teddybear, Candy and such):
        Card Type (i.e., Birthday, Sympathy and such):
        Your Message:
        Delivery date:
        Price (If not quoted, Contact us):

    C. The Recipient's Name:
        Zip Code:
        Phone Number:

    D. Name on Credit Card (if different than above):
        Credit Card Company:
        Card Number XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX:
        Expiration Date MM-YY:

    E. Additional information or instructions not covered above:


    2. Click on this E-mail link to open a new message
    3. Paste the copied text into your E-mail, then fill in the needed information.
    4. Type "Flower Order from (Your name and date)" in the Subject. Then Send your order to our E-mail address.

    Corporate/Individual Account Form
    If you are wanting to set up an account, email/mail/fax this form.
  • Account Form.

  • E-mail Security
      Our encrypted E-mails and orders are secured by an algorithm supplied by Verisign Inc. To encrypt your E-mail message on Netscape, click the padlock on the lower left of the Email box to encrypt the message. To encrypt your message on Explorer, go to "Tools" menu then select "Encrypt" to encrypt the message. In all the years we have taken orders by E-mail, we have never had a security problem using Netscape or Explorer 128 bit encryption to protect data. If security is still a concern, call us directly and avoid all electronic transmission of your credit data.

    Privacy Policy
      We at Springs Flowers assume the customer does not mind the release of their name, phone and address to receiving party if they ask. Only if the customer requests this information not be released, it will not be released to the recipients. Once orders by phone, Dove Net, fax or E-mail have been received, they are transferred to hard copy (paper). Thus, there are no cookies, E-mail lists nor any other transferring of any customer information used outside our shop. Springs Flowers does keep order information for tax records and the occasional customer gift awards when selected. Obsolete customer information is destroyed by shredding, burning etc.

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