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Springs Flowers Florists is centrally located in Colorado Springs on 2739 E. Bijou St. Suite 200 (just west of Circle Dr.). We routinely deliver to hospitals, funeral homes, major businesses, downtown, military bases and adjacent suburbs. Because we have so many deliveries just within the Springs area, we do not deliver to any towns or Zip codes outside the Springs area. Currently our delivery area is over 300 square miles just to cover most of the Springs! If you have an order outside the Springs, call a florists in these hinterlands. Note: Since most customers who live in these out lying areas may work in Colorado Springs proper, we can deliver an order to the receivers place of employment thus saving you a large delivery fee. Orders less than $19.99 are rarely delivered outside the 80909 Zip Code (e.g., the $2.99 wrapped rose going 15 miles out). The rare exception, less than $19.99 customers are willing to wait several days until another order comes close to the same area. Delivery fee added to most orders follow this formula; $3.99 + .50 per mile from the shop.

Zip Codes we deliver to in the Colorado Springs area. This does not include Black Forest (80908), Glen Eagle (80921), Air Force Academy (80840), Schriver AFB (80912), Woodland Park CO., Monument CO. or Fountain CO.
"Zip Codes #" have areas outside Colo Springs, please call

June 24, 2006
Jean, FMN owner and head designer has died. We will miss her greatly.
Our most illustrious leader and loving mother Jean
We are located at 2739 E. Bijou St. Located near all the hospitals, funeral homes and downtown
Our old location in Colorado Springs
1826 E. Platte Ave.
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Currently Serving 6.5 Billion
Currently Serving 6.5 Billion
our 1998-2004 store front seen from our Platte Ave. location
Our 1998-2004 store front seen from our 1826 E. Platte Ave. location

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