High Temp Industrial CPUs (HTIC) kits for Pentium/II/III/IV systems.

The kits are available at this time. To reserve a kit, leave a message for SALES at .

*** Prices/text updated Dec. 15, 2003***

TFC offers several High Temperature Industrial CPU (HTIC) and fan combinations to meet all your industrial safety needs. The main benefit of a HTIC is safe recovery in case of air conditioning or CPU fan failure in a dangerous industrial environment. With normal CPUs, a failure in either the air conditioning or a CPU fan could result in only seconds of normal operation before CPU thermal lockup downs the process. In a dangerous Industrial environment, such as a steel mill or printing press operation, an improper shutdown of the process could cause equipment damage, longer recovery times or worse, employee deaths. Using a TFC HTIC/fan combo, CPU thermal lockups can be delayed several minutes, allowing for a safe shutdown of you industrial process.

TFC offers full HTIC systems with temperature/fan monitoring from 90 MHZ to 3.0 GHZ. All HTIC systems come with two output points that are compatible with most PLC inputs for temperature alarms.
To order, contact SALES at tfcsd@earthlink.net for current pricing and availability.

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