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The Reunification of Pangea Movement (RPM)

Spinning Earth
One World Geophysically!

We at the Reunification of Pangea Movement (RPM) are the penultimate in secret reactionary societies (Unless you count the Big Bang Movement (Big BM)). Contrary to the slanderous remarks of unre-educated conpiracy weirdos, we at the RPM do not seek a One World Government. We are just simple plane old fashioned folks who believe this new fangled fad of continental drift is just a marketing ploy used by certain transportation businesses and if given time (500 +/- million years), the earth will revert back to a super continent. We just want to put it back to the way it was 250 million years ago. Uneducated people may scoff at this revalation, but ask certain big businesses, like the shipping and travel industries and see their reaction to the RPM main goal of a super continent.

The Reunification of Pangaea Movement, all contents and names are copyrighted 1999 by Tim Fyock. All rights resevered worldwide.

RPM Main Events!

December 31, 2003:

Come one come all to the annual 00:00, Jan 1st, 2004 RPM party on the east side of the San Andreas fault in California. Bring your 6' pry bars, bull dozers, drilling equipment and old Nukes you have laying around and join the fun.

On January 1st, 2000 at 00:00 we all pryed, pushed and exploded the fault in an attempt to move california into the ocean. Since Californians are expecting this sort of thing to happen with Y2K or the second coming, there was no problems with plausible deniabilty. The good news is, if we can show some progress, some businesses (railroad etc.) and Colorado may fund our research. See you there!

Update: We only had a small tremor but it was enough to prove to our sponsors the viability of our project.

T-shirts for sale!

Let everyone know that your a person of action and belong to a super secret organization.

The first shirt says "One World Geophysically. Join the RPM and move the world". $50

Another shirt says "Kaliforna is a Gonna. RPM Y2K party". $50 (Small size only)

Another shirt says"Real men move continents" $50

Printed on Black shirts with black lettering. You will laugh as people are unaware of your actions. Look for other RPM members with the same shirt in your area. Warning, Unauthorized non RPM members wearing of these shirts should be reported to the proper authorities in the RPM for purification.

Reunification of Pangea Movement (RPM)

Use our new simplified Pangea address: <
957475764848868585868774340004.5th Street Room 101 Oceana directorate
Quadrant 7, Area 51
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If not, use that old mail system:
Colorado Springs

State: Colorado
Zip code: 80909-6140
Country: USA
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